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Veils Commercial Microwave Oven

Built for Heavy Usage Commercial microwaves are built differently than domestic microwaves. Domestic microwaves are created for light use with more basic dishes in mind, like popcorn and heating up leftover pizza. Commercial microwaves are able to withstand the heavy demands of a commercial kitchen. They come with more power options, more features, and are sturdier so they can operate hundreds of times per day without breaking down. Easy to Clean Maintaining cleanliness is an important part of running a kitchen. All of your commercial food equipment needs to be cleaned daily (sometimes multiple times per day, depending the item and the frequency of usage). While domestic microwaves are often made from cheaper materials like plastic, commercial microwaves are made from stainless steel, which is easy to clean and sanitize. Simplified Control Panel While domestic microwaves have minor features and a handful of pre-programmed buttons, commercial microwaves have more pre-programming options. This makes the machine easier and quicker to operate when you're trying to cook a large variety of dishes.

Veils Electric Kettle 01

This is great value of money product which is ideal for home , hotel and travel. product is made with stainless steel body which is high in quality.

Veils Electric Mixer Grinder

Discover the Veils Mixer Grinder, your kitchen's essential tool for precision blending and grinding. With its powerful motor and multiple speed settings, achieve perfect results with ease. Safety features ensure worry-free operation, while its sleek design adds style to your countertop. Upgrade your culinary experience with Veils today

Veils Electric Roti Maker

Best Home Roti Maker comes with Diameter 8 Inch Non Stick coating plates, specially designed for making smooth & fluffy rotis. Make oil free fresh Rotis within minutes without any hassles. A must-have product at every Bachelor's Kitchen. Roti maker makes chapattis easier than ever before Now make Roti in just one step. Making Roti was never so easy. No Rolling pin , no Tawa, just press and make soft and delicious Rotis in seconds. Forget about the old tradition of making Roti. Best Home Roti Maker presents its new range of Roti maker for you to save your time to make soft Roti with less effort. It allows you to make perfectly thin and circular Rotis with minimum effort.

Veils Electric Toaster

6 slot toaster Stainless Steel construction Rounded edge design 5 minute timer Power : 3.24 KW Electricals : 220V / 50Hz Dimensions (W x D x H in mm) : 460×210×225